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Day of Coordination

Hiring A Planner Is Like Having An Insurance Policy On Your Wedding


General Info

All of the services offered by Elizabeth Bliss Events include day of coordination, but what all does that entail? It covers:


  • Onsite Wedding Coordinator & Assistant

  • Wedding Itinerary Creation

    • Finalized Wedding Itinerary will be Sent to all Vendors

  • Overseeing and Executing the Wedding Itinerary

  • Delegating and Completing the Wedding Setup, Fulfilling Clients Vision

  • Liaison Among all Vendors, Communicating and Overseeing Deliveries

  • Coordination of Ceremony Rehearsal

  • Setup of Personal Items Such as Décor, Guest Book, Photos, Toasting Flutes, Cake Cutting Pieces, Favors, Place Cards, Signs, etc. 

  • Direction of You and Your Wedding Party Throughout the Day, Ensuring You’re on Time and In the Right Places

  • Ensuring all Spaces are Clean- Let’s Get Your Deposit Back!

  • Point of Contact for Emergencies

To break down day of coordination even more, I divided your wedding day into sections to show you what all we do throughout the day during the morning, during the ceremony and reception, as well as at the end of the night.

Morning Of

  • Stage Any Snacks/Food Stations for Prep Times

  • Stage Mimosa Station for Bridal Party

  • Last Minute Emergency Runs

  • Make Sure Hair and Makeup Schedule is on Time

  • Ensuring All Vendors Arrive on Time and Set up on Schedule

  • Coordinate Transportation

  • Keep Bridal Party on Schedule

  • Coordinating Desired Photography Shots & First Looks

  • Stage Any Décor, Gift Table, Tribute Tables, Place Cards, Centerpieces, etc. Based on Pre Design Layout

w e d d i n g (137 of 182).jpg

Ceremony Time

  • Coordination of Ceremony Rehearsal, Day Before (1 Hour) 

  • Greeting/Ushering Guests

    • Guiding Guests and VIPs to Their Designated Seats

    • Making Sure No One Sits in “Family Seating” Areas

  • Double Checking all Items are Ready and Presentable for Ceremony (Bouquet, Rings, Ceremony Items)

  • Gathering Wedding Party and Preparing Them for Ceremony

  • Cueing Bridal Party for Ceremony Entrances

  • Cueing DJ/Musician for Music Changes

  • Assisting Bride in Entrance (Fixing Veil & Fluffing Dress, etc.)

  • Retrieving and Taking any Belongings from bridal Party after Ceremony to Reception

Speeches Megan & Edward.PNG

During the Reception

  • Stage any Décor, Gift Table, Tribute Tables, Place Cards, Centerpieces, etc. Based on Pre Design Layout

  • Ensuring all Vendors Arrive on Time and Set up on Schedule

  • Make Sure all Set up is According to Seating Chart and Plans

  • Guiding Guests to Cocktail Hour after Ceremony

  • “Hiding” Bridal Party from Guests Until Grand Introduction

  • Lining up and Cueing Wedding Party for Grand Introductions

  • Making Sure all Special Announcements are Communicated with the DJ

    • Introductions, Proper Pronunciation of Bridal Party Names, Dinner Dismissal, Toasts, Transportation Info, etc.

  • Gathering Bridal Party and Speech Makers for Toasts

  • Ensuring Special Requests are Accommodated 

Shoe Game.PNG

End of Night

  • Coordinating End of Night Events Such as Desserts, Late Night Snacks, Guest and Vendor Exit, etc.

  • Cut and Plate the Wedding Cake

  • Collect Personal Items: Wedding Gifts, Bags, etc. Ensuring they are Returned Safely and Orderly

  • Pack up Leftover Snacks, Food, and Desserts

  • Removal of Décor- Packed up and Ready by the Door at the End of the Night

  • Double Check the Space For any Bridal Leftover Belongings

  • Ensure all Vendors are Done and Checked Out to Venue Standards In a Timely Manner

  • Distribute Gratuity to Vendors

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