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Everything You Need To Know About The Shoe Game

The shoe game is becoming more and more popular at weddings as it shows how well the couple really knows each other! It’s a fun game between the bride and groom that really gets their guests involved and makes them laugh, especially when the answers don’t align! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the shoe game, here’s a breakdown on how it’s played.

How It's Done:

  1. The bride and groom each sit down in a chair in the middle of the dance floor with their backs turned to one another

  2. They take off their shoes (or bring extra shoes to play the game with)

  3. The bride and groom will each have their own shoe, and the shoe of their partner

  4. Someone will be asking questions for the bride and groom to answer, like “Who is the messiest out of the two of you?” typically this is a close friend or family member, but it could also be your DJ

  5. The bride and groom will each hold up the shoe that belongs to whoever they believe most likely ‘fills the shoes’ of the question asked

  6. The trick is, you can’t see your spouse. So you’ll have no idea how they’re answering these questions! (Unless you're like the bride pictured above who couldn't help but sneak a peek!)

This game is so much fun for your guests to see and interact with, and it is definitely an attention grabber! I personally recommend that the bride and groom DON’T know the questions before they’re asked, because it makes the game even more entertaining. It’s also a good idea to mix up the questions, have them be romantic, silly, personal, and serious. Here are some ideas for questions you can ask the happy couple when playing the shoe game:

Traditional Questions:

  1. Who is the messiest out of the two of you?

  2. Who really made the first move?

  3. Who’s the best driver?

  4. Who is more stubborn?

  5. Who makes the better breakfast?

  6. Who said ‘I love you’ first?

  7. Who’s the ‘responsible one’?

  8. Who would be the first to lose their keys?

  9. Who leaned in for the first kiss?

  10. Who’s more likely to be late?

  11. Who complains more?

  12. Who eats the most junk food?

  13. Who is the social butterfly?

  14. Who mentioned marriage first?

  15. Who is the better dancer?

  16. Who looks better today?

  17. Who has the cleanest car?

  18. Who got better grades in school?

  19. Who is better at keeping surprises?

  20. Who is looking forward to the honeymoon the most?

  21. Who is more likely to eat ice cream for breakfast?

  22. Who has been in more car accidents?

  23. Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?

  24. Who controls the tv remote?

  25. Who hogs the blanket more?

  26. Who do you love more than anyone in the world? (Have this be the last question)

One thing I’ve noticed for sure, is your guests are more likely to be engaged if the questions being asked are funny and contradictive. Your guests love to see that you and your fiancé disagree about who is the messiest out of the two of you, or who is more likely to get a speeding ticket. So if you’re looking for some fun questions to throw into your shoe game, then these ideas are for you:

Funny Questions:

  1. Who’s more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

  2. Who’s more likely to max out their credit card?

  3. Who’s more likely to scream at the sight of a spider?

  4. Who has the worst road rage?

  5. Who is always right?

  6. Who’s more likely to pick their nose and eat it? (This one is my all time favorite)

  7. Who is more likely to use the bedroom floor as their personal laundry basket?

  8. Who’s more likely to burn the house down when cooking dinner?

  9. Who takes up more than their half of the bed?

  10. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

  11. Who wakes up grumpier?

  12. Who likes chick flicks more?

  13. Who will need hearing aids first?

  14. Who has the crazier family?

  15. Who is the most talkative?

  16. Who has the shorter attention span?

  17. Who is more pitiful when they’re sick?

  18. Who is more likely to be arrested?

  19. Who does the dog love more?

  20. Who will be the stricter parent?

  21. Who cries more during movies?

  22. Who is more likely to get lost on a trip?

  23. The new furniture you bought needs assembling. Who does it?

  24. Who can hold their alcohol the best?

  25. Who has the better in-laws?

  26. Who has the smelliest feet?

  27. Who has the better looking family?

  28. Who is more likely to get out of something if they don’t want to do it?

When is the Best Time to Play the Shoe Game?

Playing the shoe game after dinner before you’re about to kick off your dance hour is the best time to play. Some people like to wait until the drinks are flowing and play in the middle of their dance hour. However, doing this is harder because you need to clear the dance floor which makes it harder for guests to start dancing again after the game is played, and some of your guests have already left at this time. If it fits your schedule better to play the shoe game in the middle of your dance floor, I recommend your DJ plays a hit song everyone will want to dance to after the game is over like the Cupid Shuffle, so you’re guests quickly fill the dance floor again and you can continue right where you left off.

Tips to Make the Shoe Game More Enjoyable:

  • Don’t ask embarrassing or hurtful questions that would upset the couple

  • Start the questions off easy to get everyone warmed up

  • Make sure that the questions are not only amusing, but that there are a mix of questions like funny, romantic, difficult, serious, etc.

  • Make sure the couple doesn’t know the questions beforehand. You don’t want to give them extra time to think about their answers, their answers should be spontaneous

  • Have a list of questions beforehand, and make sure you don’t have too many or too little

  • Make sure the questions are related to the couple

  • Keep score of the couples answers so you can reread the questions and let everyone know who the ‘winner’ of each question was

  • If you want to be more interactive, you can even have the guests join in and ask questions, or pin the maid of honor and best man against each other to see how well they know the couple

Photo Credits

Letura Indigma Photography, Sarah & Connor's Wedding

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