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Have a Sweet Story at Your Wedding!

There are so many wedding trends that I adore, but one that is truly unique that I'd love to see more of, is a couple's sweet story. You may be wondering what that even means. A sweet story is a really cute and interactive way for your guests to get to know you as a couple through some sweet treats! It starts by choosing some desserts that you and your fiancé feel define not only you as individuals, but you as a couple. For example, the bride might choose Krispy Kreme donuts for her sweets because she grew up getting donuts every year for her birthday, and the groom might choose palisade peach cobbler, since he grew up in Colorado with their famous palisade peaches.

Definition: A sweet story is a fun and interactive way for the couple to share their love story using their favorite treats!

Olivia and Boyd's Sweet Story Table

Take a peek at the sweet story a previous couple of mine did. Olivia and Boyd selected 4 desserts that represented milestones in their relationship, and wrote a brief description of each dessert for their guests

to better understand why they picked each treat. On each of the guests place settings, the couple also printed out a sweet story menu so each guest could see the dessert menu ahead of time and get to know a little bit more about the bride and groom!

Although it's not necessary to print out a sweet treats menu card, it is definitely a cute touch and will get your guests even more excited to try your desserts! For Olivia and Boyd's sweet story, they decided to print out these menu cards and place them at each table setting for their guests to look over before the desserts were served. They also had signs on their sweets table describing why they choose each treat, just like they did on their menu cards.

These were the yummy sweets that Olivia and Boyd picked for their sweet story display:

  • Cookies, representing Dayton Ohio where they met, and each cookie had their college logo on them!

  • Candied Maple Bacon, representing Memphis Tennessee where the couple traveled to after their graduation.

  • Churros, representing San Antonio Texas where the groom grew up and where the couple currently lives

  • Mini Donuts from Dubuque Iowa, where the bride grew up

Ideas for Your Sweet Story:

  • Is there a sweet treat you remember having a lot from your childhood?

  • Most states have signature desserts. Google your hometown and see what famous desserts your state is know for, and serve that as a part of your sweet treats.

  • Did you get engaged somewhere that had distinct foods? For example, if you got engaged on the beach in Florida, their state dessert is key lime pie. Maybe you decide to serve key lime pie as your engagement sweet!

  • Where did you and your fiancé meet? Was it in line at Starbucks? Your sweet treat could be cake pops!

  • Where was your first date as a couple? Maybe you went to a movie and you'd like to serve popcorn as your appetizers. That count's as being a part of your sweet story too even though it's not dessert.

  • Have you taken any cool trips as a couple? Maybe your first trip together as a couple was to New York, in that case, serve a cronut! They are a famous NYC dessert that your guests will love.

  • Have you picked out your honeymoon spot yet? Pick a famous dessert from there! If you're going to Paris (first of all I'm jealous!) you could serve little macaroons!

Your sweet story treats don't need to be complicated or over the top in any way. In fact, you can do something as simple as cutting out a logo and putting it on a cookie like Olivia and Boyd did! You don't need multiple desserts either, just 2 treats are perfectly fine, your guests will love it either way!

I will say that as a wedding planner, this was one of the cutest trends I've seen at a wedding so far. Their guests loved how unique and fun it was, and the desserts were a huge hit all night long! If you're thinking of doing a sweet story, comment on this post and tell me what desserts you'll be incorporating and what their significance is to you! I'd love to see all of your ideas.

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