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The Beginners Guide to Creating a Wedding Website

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

A wedding website is created by the bride and groom or their coordinator to showcase all of the information about their big day. I always recommend that couples create a wedding website since you’re able to share so much more information about your wedding day than you are on your save the dates and rsvp’s. However, if this is your first wedding, it can be a little confusing where to start when it comes to creating your website. Luckily for you, this article will go over everything you need to know when it comes to creating your wedding website.

Why Should I Have a Wedding Website?

  • It gives your guests the extra info that wouldn’t fit on your invitations

  • It’s a great way to update your guests of any changes that may have occurred during the wedding planning process

  • It helps to answer the majority of questions your guests have all in one place

  • Share covid updates

Where Can I Create My Wedding Website?

There are a lot of different platforms you can use to create your wedding website. The most popular site to use is the Knot, but it’s not as user friendly as other sites and is pretty basic when it comes to design. Here are some other sites you can check out too if you’re looking at creating a wedding website that isn't your typical cookie cutter version:

  • The Knot

  • Zola

  • Wix

  • Minted

  • Square Space

  • Word Press

What Are the Steps to Creating a Wedding Website?

  1. Choose a site or platform

  2. Pick a design/template/theme (or create your own).

  3. Select a domain (like or

  4. Add your event details.

  5. Personalize it.

  6. Set up your online wedding RSVP form (if using one)

  7. Set up your registry links (if you have any)

  8. Proofread everything and test the links.

  9. Publish it!

  10. Share the website link with guests (via your save the dates and/or invitations).

Tips & Tricks to Creating a Wedding Website:

  • Have your website match the theme of your wedding. If you’re going for an elegant wedding look, you don’t want a rustic themed wedding website

  • I recommend having a passcode on your wedding website, because the site can be accessed by anybody who googles your name

  • Try to avoid online only RSVPs

  • Make sure you are as detailed as possible when it comes to your wedding information

  • Create a customized URL with you and your fiancé's name so it’s easier for your guests to find. You may have to pay for this option, but its typically only $15 for one year

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate

  • Using professional photos on your site amplifies the appearance

What Should I Include on My Wedding Website?

As much information as possible, but don't include paragraph after paragraph. This will be the one stop shop your guests will take to learn everything they need to know about your big day, such as where to park, how to dress, and what they should expect in terms of a timeline. To break it down a bit more, here’s a list of the tabs you should have on your wedding website, and what to include on them.

Home Page: This page has some photos from your engagement session and lists out your wedding details. Most couples will include a love story that talks about how they met or how they became engaged, as well as information about their venue. It’s also a good idea to put your rsvp due date on your homepage too so your guests know when to respond by.

About Page/Event Timeline: This page will list ALL the details of your wedding day such as the name of the ceremony and reception venue as well as it’s exact address, parking information, hotels in the area, shuttle information, and your wedding day timeline. If you'd like, this is also the page where you can list out your dinner and dessert menu, but it's not necessary.

Bridal Party: (This Page is Optional) Couples use this page to introduce their wedding party to all of their guests. You can include a picture of each bridal party member and their name, along with some info about them if you’d like. Couples will share a funny story between them and each member, or how they met, or even a little introductory sentences for each member of the bridal party.

  • Bridal Member Picture

  • Bridal Member’s Name

  • Their Role

  • Brief Intro (If You’d Like to Add One)

Travel: This page is used to talk about the venue location again, parking info, shuttle info, hotels in the area, and in some cases cool things to do in the area and restaurants in the area.

  • Where is the wedding venue?

  • Parking info for the venue

  • Recommended Hotels

  • Hotel Room Block Name

  • Is there a shuttle?

  • Things to do in the area

  • Places to eat

Registry: (This Page is Optional) You can include the links to any online registries you may have for your guests to view and purchase.

RSVP: (This Page is Optional) You can choose to have guests digitally rsvp, write in their rsvp cards, or both! I recommend giving your guests the option to write their RSVPs and/or digitally respond, but it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to keep track of everyone's responses on two different platforms.

  • Include How to RSVP

  • Include Your RSVP Due Back Dates

FAQ: I highly recommend having an FAQ page on your wedding website for your guests to check out. For a list of ideas on what to include on your FAQ page, take a look at the post below.


What Questions Should I Include On the FAQ Page?

  • Where are the Ceremony and Reception Taking Place?

  • Are Children Welcome?

  • Can I Bring a Plus One?

  • What Should I Wear?

  • Is your Venue ADA Accessible?

  • What Hotels do You Have Room Blocks for?

  • Will Transportation be Included to/from the Hotel?

  • Social Media Hashtags

  • When are the RSVPs Due Back by?

  • Are you Having an Unplugged Wedding?

  • Is the Event Inside or Outside?

  • Where Should Guests Park?

  • What Time Should I Arrive?

  • What Happens After the Ceremony?

  • What Do I Do if I Have Additional Questions?

How to Share Your Wedding Website

I recommend including your wedding website link/QR code to your save the dates, or the details card of your invitation. I never suggest couples share their wedding website details on their social media, and there are a few reasons why. First, it might hurt the feelings of people who weren't invited. Second, it's always a possibility that people who weren't invited show up, because they have all the details they need about your wedding.


How to Word Tough Subjects on Your Wedding Website:

If you’ve created an online registry?
  • Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, for those who have expressed an interest, we have registered online at (insert registry link).

  • We are already blessed with nearly everything we need to begin this new chapter together. However, if you do wish to celebrate our union with a gift, we’ve registered online at (insert registry link) for the items we’d find the most useful.

  • Your company, love and laughter on our wedding day is the only gift we require. However, after being asked by friends and family for gift suggestions, we’ve registered online at (insert registry link) for your convenience.

If you don’t want gifts
  • Please, no gifts- celebrating with our family and friends on our special day is the only thing we require!

  • We are Blessed with everything we need for this new chapter. So please, no gifts- just bring your company, your appetite and your dancing shoes!

No Children Allowed/Adult Only Weddings
  • Although we love your little ones, please note that our wedding reception will be an adult only affair.

  • To allow all of our guests the chance to let their hair down, this is an adults only celebration. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Unfortunately as our venue is not suitable for little ones, this will be an adults only reception. We hope this will allow you a much deserved night off to celebrate with us!

Dress Code
  • We can’t wait to dance the night away with our favorite people. Dress to impress in your best cocktail attire!

  • This will be a low-key celebration with just our nearest and dearest. No suits or ball gowns required.

  • Our reception will take place on the lawn- please bear this in mind when choosing footwear and dress comfortably!

  • Although we have arranged for heaters, our venue does experience cool breezes at this time of year. A warm jacket is recommended!

Unplugged Ceremony
  • We invite you to be truly present with us during our nuptials with an unplugged ceremony. We kindly ask that phones and cameras remain out of sight until the ceremony's conclusion!

  • Please note that our ceremony will be a camera free celebration of love. Thank you in advance for your understanding- we are so excited to share this special moment with you!

  • We have 2 experienced photographers capturing our day so we kindly request an unplugged ceremony. We will happily share our professional images with you after the wedding!

No Plus Ones
  • Due to space constraints at our venue, we are regrettably unable to extend invitations for additional plus ones. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to celebrating with you!

  • We would love to share our special day with as many people as possible, but due to venue restrictions, we are unable to accommodate plus ones. Thank you for understanding!

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