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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a really cool way to add a special touch to your big day. They can be a reflection of you as a couple, or go along with the theme of your big day! Within this article I'll go over everything you need to know regarding your wedding favors including how many you should have, how to choose your favors, as well as some favor ideas.

What Are Wedding Favors? Wedding favors are a small gift given to your guests as a token of your appreciation as newlyweds.

Do I Need Wedding Favors?

Absolutely not! Some couples just like to have wedding favors as a thank you to their guests for coming to their wedding. However, couples nowadays have been taking the physical favors out of the equation, and have been focusing more on how they can elevate their guests experience such as through a more unique dance hour or extra food options.

How Many Favors Should I Have?

Most couples don't want to take home 80 left over sunglasses with their names and wedding date still on them, so I always suggest having one favor per couple/group (unless you really want to make sure you won't run out, then do one per person). If you're doing food favors, then make sure you have at least one per person.

However, out of the many weddings I've attended and worked, I've never had a couple run out of favors whether they're something tangible or if they're food. The fact of the matter is, some guests don't realize the favors are meant to be taken, or they may not want one, which leaves leftovers for you to take home at the end of the night.

How Do I Choose My Wedding Favors?

Choosing your wedding favors can be a challenge since you have so many options! They best advice I can give you comes in 3 simple suggestions:

  1. Make sure that it's something your guests will actually use

  2. Have it be memorable or have it tie into your wedding theme

  3. Give out something delicious or sweet

How To Present Your Wedding Favors

Your guests won't take your favors home if they don't see them, so make sure they're visible all night long. Placing them by your bar or entry table will ensure your guests notice them, but making sure you have a sign stating those are your favors will help your guests to know to take them home with them at the end of the night. A few ideas for presenting your favors are:

  • At each guests place setting

  • Have them set up on a designated table

  • Hand them out as each guest arrives

  • If they are bar related, give them to your bartenders to hand out (such as koozies, which can be placed on beverages as they are handed out)

Place Cards as Favors

I've seen a lot of couples present unique seating charts like the "Take a shot and find your seat" where the shot glasses the couple takes is their wedding favor. I've also seen customized coasters with each guests name and their table number. This is an adorably unique idea that has been a huge hit at weddings!

Food & Drink Favor Ideas:

Food and drink favors are the best kinds of wedding favors out there, because your guests will actually use them (well, eat them I suppose)! Out of the different types of favors I've seen, food favors have been taken and enjoyed the most. You can even use this cute quote for your favor sign, "______ is our favorite treat, take some home or stay and eat!".

  • Popcorn

- Thanks for popping by!

- He popped the question

  • S'mores

- There is always room for s'more love

  • Mints

- Mint to be

  • Pretzels

- Thanks for helping us tie the knot

- We tied the knot

  • Donuts

- Donut mind if I do!

- Glazed and delicious from the new Mr. and Mrs.

  • Goodie Bags

- Hugs and kisses, from the new Mr. and Mrs.

- The perfect mix

  • Hot Chocolate

- Love is brewing

- The perfect blend

  • Shot Glasses

- We tied the knot, so take a shot

  • Koozies

- To have and to hold, and to keep your drink cold


Wedding Favor Ideas:

There are so many cool and unique wedding favor ideas out there, and if I don't list yours leave a comment, I'd love to know what you did/what you're doing!

  • Luggage Tags

- And so the adventure begins

  • Sparklers

- Let love sparkle

  • Hand Fans

- Love is in the air

  • Mini Plants

- All things grow with love

- Take one and watch love grow

  • Bottle Openers

- The key to happiness is love... And the ability to open a bottle

- Drunk in love

- Pop Fizz Clink

  • Mug

- Your glass for the night, for whatever tastes right

  • Wine Glasses

- Cheers to love

- What happens at the reception, stays at the reception

  • Chapstick's

- Our love is the balm

- Kiss the miss goodbye

  • Sunglasses

- Don't be blinded by our love

- Protect your eyes, our love is blinding

  • His & Hers Glass Shooters

- He took a shot & she said yes

- We tied the knot, time to take a shot

  • Mini Candles

- Keep the fire burning

  • Hangover Kit

- But did you die?

- Hangovers last a day, but memories last a lifetime

  • Koozies

- To have and to hold, and to keep your drink cold

- We came for the I Do's and stayed for the free booze


Wedding Favor Tips & Tricks

  • Keep it simple, you don't need to overthink it.

  • You don't want your wedding favors to end up in the junk drawer of your guests homes do you? Then make sure your wedding gifts are practical and will be used! Food favors are a great option, but so are customizable chapsticks, bottle openers, luggage tags, etc.

  • If you want to ensure all your favors are taken at the end of the night, only order one favor per couple, rather than per person.

  • Plan out your favor display, you want to make sure it's somewhere visible where all your guests can see them, which in turn will remind them to take one.

  • Have a sign stating these are your favors, and you'd like your guests to take one.

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