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What’s The Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Day of Coordinator?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I’m starting to see venues offering coordinator services more and more and that’s great! But don’t think they cover the same services a day of coordinator does. Typically a venue coordinator is assigned to a couple for them to have a point of contact on the day of their wedding, whereas a day of coordinator is hand selected by the couple to work their wedding day ensuring the couple can stay stress free by not having to deal with planning or setup.

Venue Coordinator: Is looking out for the best interests of the venue

Day of Coordinator: Is looking out for your best interests

Understanding the difference between a venue coordinator and a day of coordinator is crucial! You don’t want to go into your wedding day with high hopes that your venue coordinator will preform all of the tasks a day of coordinator does, that’s just a recipe for disaster. It can be confusing as well since both titles sound pretty similar. The best way to figure out the tasks your venue assigned coordinator performs is to ask your venue/assigned coordinator up front. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what to expect from your venue coordinator on the day of your wedding.

Here's a little breakdown for you on what venue coordinators and day of coordinators handle.

All About Having a Venue Coordinator

Your venue coordinator is there to be a main point of contact for the bride and venue staff. They are there to make sure all of the venue facilities are operating correctly and making sure the bar and catering services are good to go (If the venue handles that). Venue coordinators are also there to ensure that no rules are broken during the day, such as décor studios hanging things on the walls or guests bringing in outside alcohol.

Each venue coordinator has different tasks for your wedding day, so be sure to check in with yours to see what services they do and don’t offer.

Questions To Ask Your Venue Coordinator

If you’d prefer to use your venue coordinator rather than hiring a day of coordinator that’s completely fine, but ask them these questions first to get a better idea of how they can take care of you on your wedding day, and so you know what you're expected to do.

  • Will you be present on our wedding day?

  • Will you create and send us a timeline that breaks down our wedding day?

  • Will you be there for our rehearsal?

  • Will you set up for our wedding at all? (tables, chairs, possibly décor)

  • How long will you be at the venue on our wedding day?

  • Will you help us coordinate transportation?

  • Will you be in communication with all of our wedding vendors?

  • Will you show the vendors where to set up and answer any questions they may have when they arrive?

All About Having a Day of Coordinator

Unlike venue coordinators who work for the venue, wedding planners and day of coordinators work for you, the couple. Your day of coordinators goal is to ensure you are able to enjoy every moment of your wedding day stress free. They take care of your ceremony coordination and rehearsal, set up all of your décor, tear down all of your décor, communicate and coordinate with all of your vendors, and more! Having a day of coordinator is a great addition to your vendor team because they help take care of all the wedding details, planning, and setup so you, your fiancé, as well as your friends and family can focus on the day.

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How to Decide if Your Venue Coordinator is Enough

I’ll admit that the word ‘coordinator’ can get confusing sometimes. Although a venue coordinator is offered by the venue to help in minimal ways, couples often expect them to help them as a day of coordinator would, and it’s often because of the ‘coordinator’ mix up. The best way to remember the services a venue coordinator offers, is to note the ‘venue’ part of their title. Meaning they are there on behalf of the venue, to ensure it’s taken care of throughout the day and no one is breaking any of the venues rules. Sure, a venue coordinator might help out the bride and groom in some minor ways, but their services are much more minimal compared to a day of coordinator.

It might help you to determine if you’d like a day of coordinator by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you need help with your ceremony rehearsal and coordinating your ceremony?

  • Do you need help researching, contacting, booking, or communicating with your vendors?

  • Do you want your vendors to have a point of contact so they are not asking you questions on the day of or leading up to the wedding?

  • Do you need help creating a wedding day timeline?

  • Do you need help getting all of your design ideas together to determine your décor?

  • Do you need help setting up and tearing down décor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should look into hiring a day of coordinator. While each coordinators services are different, most will cover everything listed above, and then some. Day of coordinators listen to your expectations and will create the day fit to your vision!

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Can I Have a Venue Coordinator and a Day of Coordinator?

Absolutely! Venue coordinators and day of coordinators work hand in hand! While your venue coordinator is setting up your reception tables and chairs, your day of coordinator is able to follow along adding centerpieces and other décor to the table. When a wedding planner and venue coordinator are working together, each one is able to focus on their roles 100%, and ultimately ensures your day runs smoothly. If your venue doesn’t offer a venue coordinator, no need to worry! Day of coordinators can help cover the tasks of a venue coordinator too, after all, most of us are used to going above and beyond for our couples anyways!

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